After looking at my ‘No” list, what do we eat?

Instead of eating this-
We instead eat this:

Pam cooking spray-
A MUCH better sub is using an olive oil sprayer.  I bought mine from Weight Watchers but I know
you can find them elsewhere.  Simply fill it up with olive oil, pump it up and spray.  Now I know
heating olive oil makes it lose nutritional properties, (see the link below) but I still feel it is a better
alternative to cooking sprays.

microwave popcorn
We mostly use our air popper, but for microwave popcorn, this is a better option. Put about
1/4- 1/3 cup of popping corn in a small brown paper bag (lunch bag) and put it in the
microwave for the normal amount of “popcorn” time.  It works great.  Then we dump it
in a bowl.  The kids like to spray it with olive oil and salt.  We buy organic popping corn
from Azure but store bought is still cheaper and healthier than microwave popcorn.

white sugar or brown sugar
raw honey (find a local bee keeper and save a ton of money)
stevia (we use liquid for sweetening tea or making lemonade)
dates (these can be soaked and used as a sweetener in some recipes)
real maple syrup (this is expensive so we use it sparingly)

regular bread
first, we make our own bread using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe
Ezekiel 4:9 bread is great for sandwiches (found in the freezer section)

Eggo Waffles
Bob’s Red Mill Pancake and Waffle mix made with melted butter instead of oil,
make up a batch and freeze them for later.  (I make them from scratch too but the
kids like these better 🙂

Vegetable oil/Canola Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold pressed)
Organic coconut oil (cold pressed)
Avocado oil (haven’t tried this yet but sounds so yummy to make tortillas in)

White spaghetti-
Whole wheat spaghetti.  We buy the generic kind from walmart.
Ingredients are: whole wheat that’s it!  $1 – $1.50 per box.  They have spaghetti, macaroni, linguini, etc.

Prego Spaghetti sauce
Of course making your own works too but I don’t have time for that so we have found two brands.
At walmart we get Bertolli Arrabbiata.  It’s $2.  My kids like this better for pizza sauce (even the picky
kid) than on their spaghetti.  At Sam’s I found a three pack of Classico Tomato and Basil.  The kids
liked this because it tasted more like the prego they were used to.  No sugar in either of these.

We make our own pizza using the 5 minute a day bread.  The kids love being able to put their own
toppings on.  We use the Bertolli Arrabbiata spaghetti sauce, fresh toppings and mozzarella.

Shredded cheese-
We buy block cheese and shred it ourselves as pre-shredded cheese is covered in cellulose.  What
is cellulose?  It’s made from wood-pulp and cotton and used to prevent caking.  hmmm no thanks

OK there is no sub for this one.  We do not drink this on a regular basis.  Hoping to convince my kids
not to drink it at all- ever.    /tips.asp?dept=48
Update- I was recently told about Knudsen Spritzers.  I haven’t had a chance to try them yet but will
order some on next month’s Azure order.  Hyvee also sells some varieties.  Haven’t found them in
my local town though.

sweet tea-
I don’t like sweet tea but my hubby does.  He puts TONS of sugar in it.  So a few drops of liquid stevia
is a good sub.

Sugary cereals-
real oatmeal, with honey
$1 Natural Nutrition cereals from walmart with honey (my picky kid actually likes the Red Wheat variety)
There are lots of whole grain, organic cereals out there.  Most are pricey.  We get Arrowhead Mills cereal
from  We’ve also been buying a few Kashi cereals.  The  Cinnamon Harvest and Island
Vanilla seem to have the least ingredients (vanilla has a bit more but is really good) and the kids like them all.  They run
about $3 box.  No Kashi isn’t perfect, but much healthier than most of the junk on the shelf.

Ice cream-
We can make our own ice cream in an ice cream maker using honey and fruit to sweeten it.  I also make ice cream
or raw “ice cream” in our vitamix with frozen fruit (bananas make an ice cream consistency), dates soaked in coconut milk,
or honey to sweeten.  I love raw “ice cream” quick and easy and healthy.

Peanut butter and jelly-
We buy real peanut butter where the ingredients are peanuts and salt.  That’s it.  Tastes so much b (etter than
sugary peanut butters.  I also make my own jam using honey as sweetener.  The one I just made was strawberries, honey,
grated apple and lemon juice.  It is so delicious, my kids have been eating way too much of it.

Chinese food-
I get frozen bags of stir fry veggies and cook with Braggs liquid aminos.  Throw in some cooked brown rice and a little olive oil and stir fry.

White Rice-
Brown Rice or Quinoa

Soy Sauce
Braggs liquid aminos

Regular salad dressings
I mix one part olive oil with one part raspberry vinegar.
We’ve also recently tried Annie’s Naturals dressing


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  1. Hey Kelly, nice site. Soda substitute: Have you tried making Kombucha? I used to make my own and loved it!! The kids didn’t like the taste, but you can add flavorings (berries) that will make it taste like soda! Or water kefir … (this was my ‘go-to’ site for a lot of things) I also used to make my own kefir with raw milk…add strawberries and raw honey, YUMMMMM!!! Kombucha and kefir are both FILLED with healthy probiotics and great for your digestive tract! Also, raw milk…nothing beats it! Has its own immune system built in!

    I hope to be getting back on the bandwagon soon…my life is finally starting to calm down again. Just thought I’d throw in my two cents. I LOVE REAL FOOD!!

    • I have heard all about kombucha and would love to try it but haven’t had the opportunity to yet. I am making rejuvelac now so hopefully I can tackle that soon! I’m glad you mentioned that it is a good sub for soda. I will definitely have to try it soon.

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