What our ratings mean:
1- I hate this and refuse to ever eat it again
2- I don’t really like it but might eat it again if I’m starving
3- It’s pretty good and would probably eat it again
4- Love it!  I would eat this any time

We are the Luvaas family.  I am a super busy homeschool mom of 3 girls.  I started this blog in order to keep track of recipes I love (for myself), hopefully get input and new recipe ideas from others, and help others looking for a way of healthier eating.

I have spent the last few years learning a lot about the American diet and how the food in this country is grown and processed.  Nothing like a little education to make you change the way you do things!  I believe that our bodies are made by God and run best when fueled with food made by God.  All the antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and weird man-made junk in the American diet is why we have seen such a huge increase in cancer, heart disease, ADHD, diabetes and other health issues the last 30+ years.  I recently read that 80% of the cancer in America is preventable by eating a healthier diet.  wow.

My youngest  daughter has ADHD and as we have recently switched to a whole food diet (I’ll explain what that means for us below) I have already begun to see an improvement in her ability to concentrate and focus.  My oldest daughter has a long list of health problems including migraines, teitze syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, and chronic stomach aches from gluten and dairy intolerances.  For these reasons, and because of all I have learned the last few years, we have finally made the switch to completely whole foods.

So what does that mean?  I suppose that means different things for different people.  I have good friends that are raw vegans and I have learned a ton from them but at this time whole foods means the following for our family:

No hydrogenated oils
No white sugar or white flours
No processed foods
No fast food
No soda
No caffeine
No preservatives
No food dyes (this is huge for ADHD)
Organic whenever possible
Eating sprouts
Trying weird things like rejuvelac 🙂
We do buy boxed and frozen foods as long as: I can pronounce the ingredients (the ingredients are made by God and not by man) and they do not contain anything on our “No” list.

Now of course we do not eat like this 100% of the time.  There are still birthday parties, church pizza parties, BBQ’s, camp, etc.  There are plenty of times for the kids to ingest junk food.  There are also foods that I haven’t found a great substitute for yet so we just do the best we can.  My goal is to make sure they eat well while at home and any time they have the option to.  Which means a lot more time in the kitchen for us.  More money spent on some of our food items.  But it’s worth it.  Remember “You can pay the organic farmer now, or the doctor later.”


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