Healthi(er) Snow Cones



It’s the 4th of July and every year there is a parade and activities for kids at the fountain near our house.  Since I grew up in this neighborhood (in the same house actually) I have been going to this little celebration since I was 5.  Call me a party-pooper but I was just not in the mood for the crowds this morning. 

So for the first time I let the kids walk the 2 blocks down to the parade by themselves.  It wasn’t long before I got the phone call I should have been expecting- “Mom, can I buy a snow cone?”  Of course Tropical Sno was set up, and let’s face it, there is nothing yummier on a warm summer day than a Mai Tai Tropical Sno.  But then I thought quickly of the refined sugar in those things and what that does to my 10 year old.  According to the Tropical Sno website the small contains 36 grams of sugar, the medium has 54 grams, and the large has a whopping 72 grams of sugar!  I said no, we’d make them at home and surprisingly I didn’t get any arguments.  I ran across this recipe on a while back and luckily I had an ice shaver and some juice concentrate in the fridge. 

Now I know, juice is full of sugar too.  I try to avoid drinking very much fruit juice but I would much rather have my kids flavor their occasional snow cones with fruit juice than with white sugar (used by tropical sno) or corn syrup (used in most other snow cone syrups).

2 parts juice concentrate (100% real juice) and 1 part water.  That’s it!  It makes a syrup consistency that works perfectly on shaved ice.  The kids loved it.  I used the non-frozen concentrate but I’m sure frozen would work fine too.


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