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2 New Meal Ideas


Tonight we made Quinoa Stir Fry.
Family rating of 3 1/2
First a made up some Ancient Harvest Quinoa.  This is found at walmart above the rice and it is organic.  That takes about 15 minutes.  While that was cooking I put some chicken breast on the George Forman grill.   Also, cooked a bag of frozen asparagus stir fry (Great Value brand at walmart) with a good drizzle of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.  When everything was done I threw it all in the skillet with a little more Braggs and some olive oil and “stir fried” it up a bit.

Breakfast for Supper
Family rating of 4
This was AWESOME.  Waffles made with Bob’s Red Mill Pancake and Waffle mix.   I made this with melted unsalted butter instead of oil, “real” eggs that we get from Eigenberg Farms, and whole milk.  Rating of 4.
The sausages were Smart Chicken (organic) Country Breakfast Sausages.  I thought these were amazing.  The “pickies” dragged the family rating down to a 3 on these, but trust me, they are awesome.
We had two syrup options.  Great Value maple syrup- sometimes I have to choose “cheaper” over organic.  Also our homemade strawberry syrup that is super yummy.  See my recipe page for that.
We also cooked up some eggs (not pictured).  See my link page for Eigenberg Farms where we get our eggs.


The beginning…


Because we have switched to whole foods (see our “about” page for more on that) I decided to start a blog in order to help our family and hopefully help others.  I plan to include links to other blogs that I frequent, recipes with ratings from my family members, pictures, and a place for others to leave recipe ideas. 

Each meal I include will be rated (good or bad) by my family.  I figure this will give everyone a good idea because I have some very picky people in my family.  First is my husband, who thinks he is allergic to healthy food.  My oldest daughter is 18, getting ready to start college, and is normally a healthy eater.  She however is the one with food allergies.  My middle daughter is 12, and is slightly picky.  She would much rather eat junk.  The youngest is turning 10 in a couple of weeks and she hates almost everything I make.  She would live on tv dinners, ramen noodles, and poptarts if I would let her.

So for each meal I am asking them to rate the food items on the following scale:
1- I hate this and refuse to ever eat it again
2- I don’t really like it but might eat it again if I’m starving
3- It’s pretty good and would probably eat it again
4- Love it!  I would eat this any time.